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5 Best Travelling Occupational Therapy Jobs

By Susan - Thursday 2 Apr 2:00 am

Occupational therapy jobs are in great abundance, and the demand for this more alternative practice is increasing with every year. It is predicted that by the year 2012, there will be a vast percentage more occupational therapy jobs available due to more and more people recognising its significance.

Included in this vast array of job opportunities are travel occupational therapy jobs, that involve being fully mobile, being able to travel and being able to work doing the job you love all rolled into one neat little package!

There are many staff shortages in healthcare facilities which is why there are so many occupational therapy jobs available today. Travel occupational therapy jobs allow you to be made available to all medial facilities wherever there is a gap that needs to be filled. Your specific employee profile will be set up displaying that option so that medical care centres throughout America are aware of the fact that they can use you, even if you are a resident across the nation.

Here is a list of some of the travelling occupational therapy jobs that are available today:

  1. Cariant Health Partners: Primarily a recruitment agency, Cariant Health Partners aims to find superior occupational therapy jobs in locations from one end of American to the next. Benefits such as competitive salaries, bonuses, beautiful private housing, medical benefits, travel reimbursement and completion bonuses can be enjoyed when signing up to be a travelling occupational therapist with this company.
  2. Club Staffing: In addition to supplying you with superior occupational therapy jobs, Club Staffing offers their employees dental, medical and vision benefits, free private housing, per dium as well as full reimbursement of travel expenses.
  3. Reflectx: Is a unique travel medical staffing centre that offers numerous occupational therapy jobs available. They also offer their travel staff the benefits of free private housing, house ware, cable TV and telephone allowances, medical insurance, travel reimbursement, life insurance, completion bonuses, performance bonuses as well as many more perks to ass to the mix.
  4. Advanced Medical Personnel Services: This team offers flexible work contracts to suit each individual and their needs, housing in safe neighbourhood with all the essential amenities available, alternatively you could opt for a housing allowance and find your own place. Travel reimbursements, medical insurance and competitive hourly rates are all a part of the total attractive package offered on occupational therapy jobs.
  5. Med Travellers Inc: Another medical staffing solution offering professional opportunities for occupational therapy jobs is Med Travellers. They have the same arrangement of benefits available as the others mentioned such as excellent pay rates, medical insurance, free private housing as well as available work in excellent health and medical care facilities.

In addition to receiving excellent occupational therapy job opportunities, travelling jobs entitle you to amazing benefits that should only be dreamed of!

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What Army Jobs are available in Iraq and Afghanistan?

By Susan - Wednesday 25 Mar 1:00 am

Serving in army jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan require a high level of commitment, bravery and strength of will. Not only is it possible that you will be separated from your family, but you will be stationed in unfamiliar territory with the impending possibility of full combat on your doorstep. All soldiers are trained towards this element of Military Life no matter what army jobs they are involved in, but few get to experience the reality in its harsh and terrifying appeal.

There are hundreds of army jobs available in Iraq and Afghanistan ranging from full time to part time and including contract work. Contract work can be anything from a few weeks to months or even years, depending on the position being offered. By signing up with a recruitment agency you will be able to gain access to a wide range of army jobs from all different departments and divisions. Here are a few examples:

  • Intelligence Officers, Specialists and Analysts: The duties held by soldiers carrying out these army jobs are mainly gathering information about the enemy, such as whereabouts, fight tactics, how large their divisions are etc. It is vital that all information collected is correct and precise, as it could result in the difference between life and death for US Soldiers.
  • Technicians and Engineers: As much as technicians and engineers are needed on home turf for optimal operation of equipment and technical equipment, so too are they needed for army jobs abroad in Iraq and Afghanistan. Without the correct operation of equipment, US soldiers would be made extremely vulnerable.
  • Medics: Especially if US soldiers are sent into battle, the need for Medics to fill army jobs of this nature will be ever increasing. Even for everyday circumstances like illness or disease or whatever sort. It is imperative that all recruits are kept fit and healthy.
  • Automotive Technicians: Ensuring that all vehicles are kept running economically as well as efficiently, automotive technicians and mechanics are extremely sought after. Army jobs in this domain are freely available.
  • Interpreters: Dealing with foreign languages can become difficult and prevent progress, without the services of experienced and well learned interpreters.
  • Military Fielding Coordinators: The coordination of activities and schedules along all lines of army jobs is essential for the smooth operation of all programs. This job would suit someone who is well organised and good at getting other people organised!
  • Budget Analysts: Living and working in a foreign country can often prevent you from having access to all your normal amenities, resulting in unnecessary or increasing expenditure. There is also a certain allocated amount for each operation. Budget analyst army jobs are there to ensure that everything is kept within these boundaries and allocations, and that no overspending occurs above and beyond those marks.

Whatever your qualifications or skills, there is more than likely going to be a range of army jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan to suit you. As much as smooth operation of business needs to take place here in America, so too does it need to occur in this way abroad. The need for optimal operation is even more in demand in Iraq and Afghanistan, as the risk of battle is so much higher there. Army jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan are readily available in almost any field.

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5 Best Facilities to Work as an Occupational Therapist

By Susan - Monday 23 Mar 9:15 am

Upon deciding to become an occupational therapist, and upon qualification, you are faced with the biggest challenge of your career, and that is first of all deciding where to work and then receiving employment upon making your decision.

Occupational therapists are widely well received and there is a definite demand for those that are efficient and suitably qualified, so finding a job should not be a problem. The big question you need to ask yourself is: Where to apply? If you are not going to set up a private practice, which is probably recommended for University leavers, then you have a wide range of occupational therapy and medical institutions to choose from. From nursing homes to hospitals, to corporate companies that have in house occupational therapists. The choices are numerous and equally as rewarding. Close investigation should be paid to each and every job opportunity and all the benefits that come with each position.

You could choose to join somebody else’s private practice as an occupational therapist, and at the same time learn about the successful running of your own business and all the involvement that goes hand in hand with it.

Nursing homes and hospitals can offer competitive salaries for occupational therapists as well as the added incentive of being able to improve the lives of those that are residents in these homes and health care facilities.

On a corporate scale, there are many businesses that have in house occupational therapists to assist in maintaining high levels of productivity amongst employees and to enable for any care that is required on an occupational therapy level to be easily accessible. Working as an occupational therapist for corporate giants will also entitle you to impressive employment packages and commendable salaries and bonuses. Some of the companies that you might have heard of that offer exceptional employment for occupational therapists are:

  • Google
  • Citibank
  • Microsoft
  • Dell
  • Deloitte
  • Sears

When it comes to occupational therapist employment positions, there are a few institutions that stand out from the rest. They offer exceptional service to clients and are nationally recognized as leaders in the field of occupational therapy. Not only do they treat their clients with distinction, but their employees are also given the best possible salaries, benefits and are treated with the respect that they have earned. As occupational therapists, it is essential for your employer to recognize the importance of your job and this is most appreciated when it is well received.

The following companies are among those that fit this standard according to occupational therapists:

  • Tri-State Hand and Occupational Therapy, Inc. located in Cumberland, MD
  • The Children’s Hospital in Aurora, Colorado
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre, a non-profit hospital and research centre in Ohio
  • Communicative Health Care Associates Inc, to be found in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Wee Care Therapy, Ltd, Dyer, Indiana

Burger Rehabilitation Systems Inc, that have many clinics situated in the greater Sacramento area, Northern California

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What Army Jobs can I get without travelling overseas?

By Susan - Thursday 5 Mar 4:00 am

Army Jobs are readily available within almost any department or trade you can think of, and they are available all over the world. No matter what your personal skills may be, or what your preferences are, there are a range of army jobs to suit you. It may be found that the one particular job you set your sights on is not the opportunity you receive, this is more than likely due to your skills and abilities being sharper in other areas. This can also be the case if you are looking for army jobs that don’t require you travelling overseas.

Many recruits who enlist for army jobs want to maintain a relatively normal existence in or close to their home towns. They want to be able to sign up for army jobs without travelling overseas. In doing so, they are offering their service to the military without leaving their families and friends behind. There are numerous army jobs that suit this ideal, in fact a very large proportion of civilian jobs are suited to these specifications. For example:

  • Administration and Office Staff: This is an army job where employees would be required to be present on the premises of the location that you sign up for. Their duties center on successful and efficient running of the military offices and filing systems, making sure that all documentation is in order for quick and easy reference.
  • Chefs: Every base needs a series of trained kitchen staff to ensure that all prepared meals are healthy and nutritious for all recruits and on site staff. This army job would keep chefs in one place at all times.
  • Teachers: There is no more important job than that of a teacher. Developed skills are essential in any field, especially in the military, where close attention is paid to honing and developing inherent skills to assist employees in doing their jobs to the best of their ability. Teachers need to be on site for regular programmes.
  • IT Technicians and Systems Engineers: Any business runs on computers in this day and age, as does the military. Army jobs within the field of Internet Technology are vast and hugely available. With all services operating on a technological level, IT technicians and computer system’s engineers need to be close at hand to offer support and service.
  • Doctors and Nurses: Although doctors and nurses can be transferred or deployed to further reaches of the earth at any moment, there is always a need for them on site too. Every base will have a hospital and every hospital needs a well rounded, experienced and confident team of medical staff.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to army jobs that don’t require you travelling overseas. Within each field there are more specialized positions available as well as many others in different fields of employ. Staying on your home turf and being recruited for army jobs of your choice is both possible and probable.

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The 10 Best Occupational Therapy Schools

By Susan - Monday 4 Aug 11:00 am

Occupational Therapy is to quote: “use of productive or creative activity in the treatment or rehabilitation of physically, cognitively, or emotionally disabled people” (American Heritage Dictionary)

Occupational Therapy Schools in America are quite vast and abundant, due the ever increasing need for Occupational Therapists. The practice is being recognized for its massively beneficial qualities and more and more people are opting to study this trade through occupational therapy schools across America. Most universities offer training and tuition in this field. Here are ten of the best occupational therapy schools that should be considered when making a decision to study OT. They are listed in no particular order:

  1. Colorado State University: This is one of the best occupational therapy schools in operation today, and has received critical acclaim both nationally and internationally for its profound achievements.
  2. Boston University (Sargent): This occupational therapy school challenges its students to think laterally, and combines practical hands on training with expert literature and theory programs. Voted tie first with Washington University by US News and World Reports.
  3. University of Southern California: This internationally acclaimed school has been voted number one for 8 out of 9 years as the best of occupational therapy schools in America, according to US News and World Reports. It established the first ever graduate program in occupational therapy worldwide.
  4. Boston School of Occupational Therapy (Tuffts University): This school is an historic monument in Boston and offers doctoral and masters degree’s in occupational therapy. They teach their students to narrow their focus towards clinical reasoning with all patients, so as to be independent in decision making and treatment methods.
  5. University of Illinois, Chicago: This internationally recognised occupational therapy school prides itself on developing top class students who will have an impact on the world through their treatments. It is consistently voted one of the best occupational therapy schools in America and maintains high levels of superior tuition.
  6. New York University: Always ranked as one of the top occupational therapy schools, NYU has been offering comprehensive and informative training for occupational therapy since 1940.
  7. University of Pittsburgh: This occupational therapy school ensures that all students are prepared for practice as soon as they graduate and enter into the “real world”, by offering them the skills for work and practice but also for life.
  8. Washington University in St Louis: According to US News and World Report 2008 rankings, this University has been voted tie first place as one of the best occupational therapy schools in America. It is tie with Boston University.
  9. University of Kansas, Medical Centre: This University is definitely recognized as a leader within the field of occupational therapy schools, and also offer doctorates and masters degrees in the field.
  10. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: The primary focus for this occupational therapy school is to enable all people, of all walks of life to enjoy a full and balanced life with the addition of occupational therapy. This is instilled in their students, and carried forward into practice after qualifying.

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What Military Contract Jobs are available and how much do they pay?

By Susan - Saturday 2 Aug 2:26 pm

The Department of Defense is the United States’ largest supplier of employment. There are many military contract jobs available in varying departments, from civilian positions to full service positions.

Determining which arena would suit you is the first step to consider when researching military contract jobs for your particular preference. Here is a breakdown of the diverse sectors and divisions that military contract jobs are divided into today:

  1. US Army
  2. Marine Corps
  3. Navy
  4. Air Force
  5. Coast Guards

Within these branches are numerous modes of employ available that can provide a competitive salary for inspiring and self-satisfying work that has many benefits. By consulting this basic guide, you can determine what military contract jobs are available and an estimation of what your possible lows and highs in terms of remuneration would be for positions across the military.

Signing up for a military contract job could earn you between $18000.00 and $21000.00 of basic pay depending on your standing. More or less is given according to your qualifications and rankings and is referred to as special pay. Special pay for military contract jobs can also be allocated to people with advanced or unique skills. Not only are military positions well compensated for, but they come equipped with extensive advantages and rewards, such as housing benefits of between $6000.00 and $17000.00, clothing allowances of between $1300.00 and $1600.00, medical insurance of $3250.00 and dental insurance of $221.00.

*These figures are based on information sourced from the resource listed below.

There is an abundance of different military contract jobs available to suit everyone’s tastes and background, although a large degree of placements are according to the need within that domain. Full training is given in all departments to ensure that positions are fulfilled to their optimal potential. This is known as Advanced Individual Training and can take place in a number of different ways, for example: in a classroom situation, by eLearning, simulation, practical learning or through distance learning. Some of the extensive avenues in which military contract jobs are offered are:

  • Accounting Services
  • Business Administration
  • Avionics – Helicopter Pilots, Airplane Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, Flight Engineers, Technicians
  • Media – Graphic Designers, Desktop publishers, Audiovisual Specialists, Journalists
  • Combat Operations
  • Construction – Electricians, Plumbers, Building Specialists, Civil Engineers
  • Teaching
  • Social Work – Psychologists, Counsellors
  • Health Care and Medical Care – Nurses, Dentists, Doctors, Opticians, Pharmacists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Dieticians
  • Engineers
  • Intelligence
  • Information Technology
  • Security and Law Enforcement Officers
  • Fire Fighters
  • Lawyers and legal specialists
  • Chefs and Culinary Specialists
  • Transportation and Logistics – Couriers, Drivers

This summary is a small indication as to the world of opportunity available within military contract jobs. With such a diverse and complete range of careers to choose from, excellent salaries, comprehensive training and added benefits and allowances, it is not difficult to understand why such a large percentage of the employment across America is commanded by military contract jobs.

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9 Best Occupational Therapy Job Companies to Work For

By Brad - Thursday 24 Jul 12:41 pm

Choosing a career is one thing. Once qualified, the next hurdle you are faced with is deciding which company you want to work for and where to apply to. Occupational therapy jobs are readily available in all sectors of the health and medical industry, from hospitals in the public sector, to privately owned therapy centres, and well into the business sector too. If you have had experience working previous Occupational therapy jobs, then employers might even come looking for you!

Here is a guide to some of the medical centres and hospitals that offer the top occupational therapy jobs in America. They have become renowned through the years as the most sought after companies to work for with regards to occupational therapy jobs. Listed in no particular order:

  • Tri-State Hand and Occupational Therapy, Inc. located in Cumberland, MD
  • Communicative Health Care Associates Inc, to be found in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre, a non-profit hospital and research centre in Ohio
  • Burger Rehabilitation Systems Inc, that have many clinics situated in the greater Sacramento area, Northern California
  • Wee Care Therapy, Ltd, Dyer, Indiana
  • The Children’s Hospital in Aurora, Colorado

Not only medical institutions and clinics offer exemplary employment opportunities. There are many corporate groups that have in house wellness programs and thus have available occupational therapy jobs. These businesses forward commendable and competitive employment packages to their staff and are a worthwhile direction to look in.

Some of the more well known names in this field are:

  • Google – The World’s Largest Search Engine Company
  • Microsoft – Home of the world’s most widely used computer software
  • Sears – Infamous Chain of Retail Stores
  • Siemens – Innovators in electronics
  • Intel – Advanced Computing components manufacturers
  • Dell – High end Computer Manufacturers
  • Deloitte – World famous Accountancy Firms
  • Citigroup – International Banks
  • Bank of America

Occupational therapy jobs are becoming a more recognised addition in many companies due to the fast growing wellness factor in the corporate world. The raised productivity levels that go hand in hand with wellness programs are creating a larger awareness towards the health of employees. This in turn is creating vast job opportunities for occupational therapists in the corporate world.

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Ten Great Benefits of Getting an Army Job

By Brad - Sunday 20 Jul 2:53 pm

The benefits of getting an army job are many. The following are a few of them:

  • 1. Get An Education For Free

Not only are your education costs paid for, you get PAID full-time wages to go to school. The army also has counselors available to help you in choosing the courses that you need to qualify for your chosen profession.

  • 2. Protect Hearth and Home

An army job gives you the chance to protect hearth and home like no other job does.

  • 3. Compensation

When comparing the income of similar civilian and army jobs, turns out that the army job pays more. The base pay is less, but once you factor in Housing, Food Allowance, Special Pay, Tax Advantages and Healthcare, the army job comes out on top.

Additionally, there are many other ways for a soldier to earn extra pay.

  • 4. Extra Edge in Job Experience

At the time of enlistment, a soldier can opt to take advantage of the Partnership for Youth Success Program which will give him/her priority consideration for jobs at select companies (around 225 companies) all over the country in his post army job career. Many are Fortune 500 companies.

  • 5. Retirement Plan

As a soldier, you have the option of contributing to a 401-K-type savings and investment plan which is more attractive and has more benefits than a regular civilian plan.

  • 6. Physical Strength

There’s physically fit and then there’s army strong. The army will keep you in shape. 

  • 7. Adventure

If adventure is what you’re looking for, the army provides that in abundance.

  • 8. Earn Professional Training Certificates

In your army job career you will have the opportunity to earn professional and trade certifications that will help you succeed in your civilian career.

  • 9. Health Care

You and your family are automatically covered by a HMO type health care plan that provides health and dental coverage at little or no cost. Group Life Insurance called Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance, is a low cost life insurance available for active duty and army reserve soldiers.

  • 10. Vacation

The army feels that time off for a soldier is important to his well-being and that of his family. As a soldier in an active army job you get thirty days vacation a year, weekends off and national holidays off as well. As with any job, the necessity comes up occasionally to work weekends or holidays.

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What Army Job Can I Get Without Enlisting?

By Brad - Friday 18 Jul 10:37 am

The Department of the Army was ranked one of the best places in the Federal Government to work in 2007. The rankings were judged by employee satisfaction in areas such as pay and benefits, family-friendly culture and benefits, and work/life balance.

There are many NAF or Non-Appropriated Fund army jobs in the fields of Child Development, Food and Beverage Management, Golf and Bowling, Recreation, Hotels and Billeting, Clerical and Administration, to name a few.

To search for these army jobs, go to Click ‘Search for Jobs’ and choose from some important criteria on the form to find army job vacancies. You will see that there are 50 plus fields to choose from, and different states and countries to select from. This will allow you to target your search for the many army jobs available. Be sure to fill out the ‘Applicant Eligibility’ as well.

The US army has a student program to provide work experience for anyone interested in working in the challenging field of government service prior to graduation. Whether you’re in high school, technical or vocational, college or university, or accepted to post grad studies, as long as you are a degree-seeking student, an army job can give you the experience you need in your field to be attractive to an employer.

For more information, click on ‘Student Opportunities’ from the above website.

The Intern/Fellows get paid a full-time wage while going to school or attending training. Educational costs are also paid. The Intern or Fellow is considered a full-time federal civilian employee. At the completion of training the successful Fellow may be offered a 25% of base pay bonus for signing on and the Intern is provided with a permanent placement in an army job.

The Internet has the most reliable, up to date information for army jobs available. The vacancy announcement will provide a description of the army job and salary range, whether it’s temporary or permanent, full or part-time and information on who can apply. These announcement sites are updated daily.

As an army employee, you receive a comprehensive benefit package which includes:

  • Comprehensive health and life insurance.
  • Generous retirement programs.
  • Paid holidays, sick leave, and vacation time.
  • Flexible work environment.
  • Paid employment related training and education.
  • Possible student loan repayment.
  • Payment of licenses, certification, and academic degrees as applicable.
  • Bonuses, incentives, and awards.
  • Competitive salaries.
  • Annual pay increases.

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What the Army Job Recruiter Never Told You…

By Brad - Wednesday 16 Jul 8:09 am


As a rule, army job recruiters are honest, hard-working people just trying to do their jobs. But like anything else, there are exceptions to this rule. This is not to be negative, just meant to be a warning to do some research before making decisions that will so deeply affect your life.


Here’s the thing, an army job recruiter’s job performance is judged based purely on numbers. The higher the numbers of army job recruits, the better the performance review. The lower the army job recruits, the worse his performance review. Plain and simple. If he doesn’t make the minimum quota he doesn’t make ‘mission’ and may find his career at a dead-end. Because of this, some unscrupulous army job recruiters will say anything just to get recruits signed up to an army job – stretch the truth, even lie…whatever it takes.


As you can imagine, this can lead to very unhappy new army recruits. You may wonder why the army doesn’t put a stop to this. Each service has recruiting regulations which make it a crime to cheat, lie or knowingly sign up a recruit that is ineligible for enlistment. When they are caught, recruiters are punished. The problem is, it’s hard to catch a recruiter as there are usually no witnesses and it becomes a he said, she said situation.


However, in some cases the ‘lies’ told by a recruiter was a case of ‘selective hearing’. The army job recruiter may say: ‘Many of our bases now have single rooms for people’. What the recruit hears is that ‘You’ll get a single room with no room-mate.’ So, the advice here is to ‘listen’ and research what the recruiter has said before enlisting.


And remember…the army is not for everyone. A full 40% of new recruits that enlist in the army today will not complete their full term of service. Barring circumstances beyond the new recruits’ control like illness or injury, many recruits are involuntarily discharged because they just quit trying. Many say the army turned out to be completely different from what they’d expected and this is often the result of army job recruiters’ lies or the selective hearing of the new recruit.


How do you as a potential new army job recruit avoid the lies, exaggerations and half-truths of an unscrupulous recruiter?


Read. Information on the Internet will walk you safely through the whole process.


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