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The Top 10 Best Schools for Health Care Administration Training

By Susan - Sunday 12 Apr 11:00 am

A Health Care Administrator is a top quality position within the medical field. It is a position that keeps successful business conduction, patient wellness and employee performance and satisfaction at the top of its list of priorities. Being a health care administrator basically entails managing the business aspect of health care facilities so that the health and medical care aspect can operate to its optimum without the worry of the foundation falling out from underneath it.

It takes a certain kind of individual to be a health care administrator as it can involve high intensities of work, high levels of stress and requires the ability to be diplomatic and considerate in all decision making. If you feel that this position is perfectly suited to you, then the medical and health field could more than likely benefit from your service as a health care administrator.

Here are some of the top rated schools where you can study to be a health care administrator, rated according to US News and World Report (in no particular order):

  1. University of California (Berkeley Haas): Haas believes that there are numerous challenges within the health care industry, and equipping health care administrators with the keys to overcoming these challenges is what keeps health care operating to its optimum
  2. Northwestern University (Kellogg): Kellogg University recognises the continuing and increasing need for expert health management services, and provides their students with the correct tools to tackle these pressures
  3. University of Washington: This University prides itself on developing professional health care administrators with the ability to lead and provide superior example
  4. University of Minnesota (Twin Cities): This University is ranked among one of the most prestigious nationwide as well as internationally. The health care administrator course is particularly highly recommended
  5. University of California (Berkeley School of Public Health): This University believes in offering its students world class tuition so that they in turn can offer world class services to the health care industry
  6. University of Alabama (Birmingham): As well as consistently being among the top ranked schools offering health care administrator studies, this school also has prestigious continued education programs that are equally as well ranked
  7. Virginia Commonwealth University: As well as being well ranked by US News and World Reports, this University’s health care administrator program has also been highly recommended by Modern Healthcare
  8. University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill): This University is always ranked top in all studies, and offers superior tuition. They are also particularly stringent with admissions for health care administrator studies.
  9. University of Michigan (Ann Arbor): This University has been voted number one by US News and World since they began rankings in 1993 for Health Care Administrator and Health Management Studies.
  10. University of Pennysylvania (Wharton): This exceptional school offers an intensive series of research in training, business systems and health care. They apply all their research findings to current day issues so as to get a realistic handle on what a career as a health care administrator involves.

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The 10 Best Occupational Therapy Schools

By Susan - Monday 4 Aug 11:00 am

Occupational Therapy is to quote: “use of productive or creative activity in the treatment or rehabilitation of physically, cognitively, or emotionally disabled people” (American Heritage Dictionary)

Occupational Therapy Schools in America are quite vast and abundant, due the ever increasing need for Occupational Therapists. The practice is being recognized for its massively beneficial qualities and more and more people are opting to study this trade through occupational therapy schools across America. Most universities offer training and tuition in this field. Here are ten of the best occupational therapy schools that should be considered when making a decision to study OT. They are listed in no particular order:

  1. Colorado State University: This is one of the best occupational therapy schools in operation today, and has received critical acclaim both nationally and internationally for its profound achievements.
  2. Boston University (Sargent): This occupational therapy school challenges its students to think laterally, and combines practical hands on training with expert literature and theory programs. Voted tie first with Washington University by US News and World Reports.
  3. University of Southern California: This internationally acclaimed school has been voted number one for 8 out of 9 years as the best of occupational therapy schools in America, according to US News and World Reports. It established the first ever graduate program in occupational therapy worldwide.
  4. Boston School of Occupational Therapy (Tuffts University): This school is an historic monument in Boston and offers doctoral and masters degree’s in occupational therapy. They teach their students to narrow their focus towards clinical reasoning with all patients, so as to be independent in decision making and treatment methods.
  5. University of Illinois, Chicago: This internationally recognised occupational therapy school prides itself on developing top class students who will have an impact on the world through their treatments. It is consistently voted one of the best occupational therapy schools in America and maintains high levels of superior tuition.
  6. New York University: Always ranked as one of the top occupational therapy schools, NYU has been offering comprehensive and informative training for occupational therapy since 1940.
  7. University of Pittsburgh: This occupational therapy school ensures that all students are prepared for practice as soon as they graduate and enter into the “real world”, by offering them the skills for work and practice but also for life.
  8. Washington University in St Louis: According to US News and World Report 2008 rankings, this University has been voted tie first place as one of the best occupational therapy schools in America. It is tie with Boston University.
  9. University of Kansas, Medical Centre: This University is definitely recognized as a leader within the field of occupational therapy schools, and also offer doctorates and masters degrees in the field.
  10. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: The primary focus for this occupational therapy school is to enable all people, of all walks of life to enjoy a full and balanced life with the addition of occupational therapy. This is instilled in their students, and carried forward into practice after qualifying.

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