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The 10 Best Jobs for a Health Care Career

By Susan - Tuesday 14 Apr 11:00 am

A health care career and the studies thereto can be the springboard for many other exciting job opportunities. The study of health care administration or management is a vastly popular choice, and allows for our medical facilities and hospitals to be placed under the best possible care in terms of safety, efficiency, services and employment satisfaction. Choosing to step into a health care career would enable you to play a part in this vital role in constantly updating and improving health care service from a patient perspective as well as from an employee’s perspective.

Some of the many other job opportunities available under the wide brim of health care career are as follows (in no particular order):

  1. Hospital Manager or Assistant Hospital Manager: This position requires someone who can delegate duties and issue jobs and responsibilities. The object is to involve all hospital employees so that the everyday tasks are equally distributed, and everyone is doing their part to contribute. It also involves overseeing all hospital matters.
  2. Program Developer: This health care career involves the successful development and implementation of health care programs within medical institutions. There are various fields or programs within this career that can be entered into.
  3. Quality Improvement Specialist: The title of this health care career is pretty much self explanatory. Quality control and improvement is a stringent exercise in medical care, and requires a dedicated person to see its coordination is smooth and fully operative.
  4. Health Benefits Specialist: A health benefits specialist sees to it that patients eligible for benefits are fully compensated. Benefits from business packages and medical insurance schemes are the most common and all the financial and administrative aspects of this will be handled within this health care career.
  5. Health Program Liaison: This health care career is one of management, coordination and interaction with staff, sponsors if applicable and all involved within the health program initiatives. Their primary role is to manage the processes involved in the setting up of health care programs.
  6. Community Health Project Specialist: A health care career working with community health will be most rewarding. This position ensures that health care within the community is efficient, well serving and beneficial to those who use its services.
  7. HR Specialist: HR stands for Human Resources, and every business runs more smoothly with a human resources department. This health care career involves the hiring and firing of staff, training where applicable, performance evaluations and employee related operations.
  8. Patient Coordinator: The health care career of patient coordinator involves one to one interaction with patients to inform them of all their available choices with regards to the latest technology, medical advances etc. They offer their patients all the background information available.
  9. Medical Office Assistant: This career involves all the background duties that no one ever sees, but that are imperative to the successful management of health care. Involving issuing computerized medical accounts and records, medical insurance processing, billing and all administrative procedures
  10. Patient Access Representative: This health care career is geared towards full service for patients and ensuring that they are welcomed into your facility individually and properly. You would make sure that they are registered efficiently, settled into their ward or room properly and tend to their needs, requests and issues.

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Occupational Therapy Jobs in the Public Sector vs Private Sector

By Brad - Thursday 10 Jul 11:49 am


Occupational therapy jobs have an added advantage over many other employment choices, in that there are equal opportunities available within both the public sector and the private sector. You can find occupational therapy jobs in any hospital, wellness centre, clinic or medical institution, but also within corporate companies, private businesses, home based businesses and within government.


Everything outside of the government is considered private sector, therefore all the hospitals and clinics that fall under government care and funding are regarded as public sector.


The choice to make here is private or public sector? What is the difference between occupational therapy jobs in the private sector as opposed to the public sector?


There are a few details worth mentioning that could make your decision making slightly easier.


  • Applying for occupational therapy jobs in the private sector is a case of you researching available jobs and selecting the ones you would like to apply to. You would then send off your resume to the prospective employers and hope for an interview to take it further
  • Applying for occupational therapy jobs in the public sector involves completion of an application form, submission of all relevant details, for example: Your ID, driver’s license, recommendations from previous employers, copies of all certifications etc. After submission, an extensive background check is completed and then you wait to hear if your application has been approved
  • Within the private sector, you would go for an interview with your intended future employer
  • In the public sector, you would sit before a panel of people within the Health Department for your interview
  • Once you have been accepted in the private sector, you would start working for the company in question
  • Within the public sector, you would only then be given your listing of available jobs and make your choice from there


With regards to actual working environments within both sectors, occupational therapy jobs within the privately owned companies generally pay their employees a little more than public sector institutions do. Plus there is more room to grow and progress within private sector businesses, whereas the setup with public sector health employment is slightly more rigid with less leeway.


On the plus side for public sector, you have the added and maybe most important benefit of job security. In privately owned businesses, if profit margins are becoming too narrow, there is a chance that you could lose your job in order for the company you work for to cut costs.

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The 5 best cities for Occupational Therapy Jobs

By Brad - Saturday 5 Jul 9:54 am


Occupational Therapy is renowned nationwide for its remedial properties and rehabilitative functions. In a country where the economy is not at its most favourable, the number of available occupational therapy jobs is at an all time high. OT is becoming the popular choice of careers for students to gain insight into, and America is seeing this first hand. There are some cities in America that are more abundant with occupational therapy jobs than others.


Reasons behind this may possibly be that these particular cities have some of the most highly acclaimed colleges to study occupational therapy at, where professors will pass on listings of job opportunities to their students. It makes sense to keep the two operations close by to one another. Often Universities and colleges have apprenticeships and fieldwork exercises built into their curriculum. These institutions where practical work is carried out might take on a student who has performed especially well during their fieldwork exercises.


It could also just be a case of larger business conglomerates in these areas that are creating awareness amongst their employees, and introducing wellness into their working environments by keeping occupational therapy jobs within their workplaces.


The Top 5 States with the highest occurrence of occupational therapy jobs are:


  • Texas
  • California
  • Florida
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey


Further narrowed down by taking a closer inspection into each State mentioned, you’d find the most occupational therapy jobs in the following cities:


  • Texas – Houston, with Dallas and Austin close behind
  • California – Los Angeles. However, Sacramento has a huge work base for occupation therapy jobs, and San Diego and Long Beach are also worth mentioning in this department
  • Florida – Tampa, followed closely by Panama
  • Pennsylvania – Philadelphia is without a doubt the single largest provider of occupational therapy jobs in Pennsylvania.
  • New Jersey – Newark. New Jersey must not be underestimated because of its size in comparison to other States. There is not one city in New Jersey that offers a higher level of available jobs than others. But when looking at New Jersey in it’s entirety and taking the size of this State into account, the increasing amount of available occupational therapy jobs is extremely prevalent


There is not a State in America that does not have occupational therapy employment on the increase. This can only mean good things for the wellbeing of the country.


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