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Cool Electronics for My Truck in my Truck Driving Job

By Brad - Tuesday 8 Jul 9:32 am

Being a truck driver involves riding in a truck for long periods of time. Whether you have a local truck driving job or an over the road truck driving job, you spend a lot of time in your truck and this can be quite boring at times.

Fortunately, there are great electronic gadgets that offer entertainment for when you are on the road in your truck driving job.

Portable DVD players are becoming more and more affordable, and although these are not a good idea for when you are driving, your driving team partner will appreciate the opportunity to kick back and relax while watching a movie during their off shift.

CB radios are a timeless trucker gadget, and a must have for anyone with a truck driving job that keeps you on the road for hours on end. A CB radio allows a truck driver to stay up to date with current traffic and weather conditions, as well as connect with other CB radio users to ‘chat’.

Satellite radio is the new and modern must have for anyone with a truck driving job! Avoid commercials, and listen only to the music that you want to listen to. Sirius, the original satellite radio source, is still the best satellite radio to use.

Radar detectors are a helpful way to protect yourself from certain hassles associated with a truck driving job. Drive safely, and be prepared with a radar detector. Check out Radar Busters, one of the leading manufacturers of high quality, trust worthy radar detectors starting at just over $100.

Of all the cool electronics that are a must have for truck drivers, nothing can beat a laptop computer. Owning a laptop computer allows you to store and bring all of your favorite music to listen to.

Other benefits of bringing a laptop on the road come with the advantage of the increasing wi-fi hot spots popping up all over the place. Connecting to the internet from anywhere provides a variety of entertainment.

More importantly, the internet allows a truck driver to stay connected with family and friends when you are on the road for a long period of time.

The best part is that using your laptop computer to record your logs in allows you to use the computer as a tax write off for your truck driving job!

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How Can I Get A Truck Driving Job?

By Brad - Wednesday 11 Jun 10:03 am

Although the trucking career is ‘easier to get in to’ than (for example) a medical career because there is much less training involved… there is still a lot of preparation that goes in to getting a truck driving job.

If you want a job you can just walk into with no prior skills or education, try a fast food restaurant. If you are willing to devote some time and effort in to a career that will actually support you and your family, and you have chosen the career path of being a truck driver… you need your CDL license.

Just as you did when you were a teenager and first learned to drive a car, you need to obtain a permit before you can obtain your license. Once again, you need to take a written test, only this time the questions will focus on General Knowledge, Combination Vehicles, and Air Brakes.

In order to complete this written test with confidence, you want to know the answers. This is (one of the ways) where a training school is essential. The classroom hours you invest will prepare you to achieve your CDL permit.

If you are smart, you will take additional, optional endorsement tests that will be listed on your permit as extra abilities you will have as a truck driver. These tests include Tankers, Double and Triple Trailers, and Hazardous Materials (or “HazMat”).

Once again, having a permit only enables you to drive a truck with a passenger that has a CDL license. Obtaining your permit is the 2nd step (after classroom training), now you can learn to drive a truck.

When you are confident and comfortable behind the wheel, you can finally obtain your CDL license by taking the driving skills test. Congratulations, you are now ready to find a truck driving job!

There is much emphasis here on how important the training you receive will be. There are 3 choices of training to be a truck driver. Public training is often a government funded option that provides a variety of vocational training (does not focus solely on truck driving). Private training is your best option, because you will receive individual and extensive training that focuses solely on truck driving. Finally, there is the option to receive your training from a motor carrier.

As mentioned before, unless you want a fast food job you should focus on complete training first, and then finding a truck driving job. If you apply for a truck driving job with a motor carrier that provides you with the minimal of training, just enough to get you licensed and stick you on the road… you will be making a huge mistake.

For a better paying truck driving job, even for your first job as a truck driver… you will benefit greatly from receiving the complete training available only at a private truck driving training school. Then, all you have to do is share your resume with as many companies as you like, and choose your first job!

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