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What retirement benefits do I get with Jobs in the Army?

By Susan - Wednesday 3 Oct 12:45 pm

Jobs in the Army are readily available for young, fit and energetic human beings. They offer a lifetime of life changing service and many benefits to go hand in hand with their chosen military careers. But what happens when you are no longer young, fit and energetic? Are there jobs in the army that offer suitable retirement packages? The answer is yes.

The military is not only the supplier of a large proportion of jobs in the army, but also a large provider of benefits and compensation for active duty. Throughout your career in the military you will be at liberty to take advantage of fabulous medical, dental, housing and other benefits, but you will also be entitled to arguably the best available retirement benefits across America. Jobs in the army receive a pension that is technically termed “reduced compensation for reduced services” (Sourced from Pension benefits for jobs in the army can be collected from an early age and not necessarily the pre-determined age of retirement of 60 years. If you are no longer able to serve in your chosen field due to injury or consequence, then you may begin redeeming your pension payments as soon as you retire.

Jobs in the army and the predetermined pension received therein vary according to the date that you began service in the military. There are two different types of pension pay that are calculated in slightly differing ways: Final Pay and High 36.

The cap on retirement packages was recently lifted, and members who have served in excess of a certain number of years will receive larger percentages of their base pay after retirement. This recognises the admiration and high level of service for jobs in the army, and ensures that its citizens are awarded accordingly for their years of dedication to duty.

The cap remains in place for employees that are removed from service due to disability. They are entitled to up to 75% of their base pay for jobs in the army. A figure instituted by law.

Your pension is also levied according to these factors:

  • The number of dependants you have
  • Your current financial situation
  • If you are already receiving benefits from Social Security
  • If you are in need of hospital care
  • If you are housebound and in need of nursing services or home services such as meals on wheels or similar.

There are also specific stipulations for Veterans who served in one of many jobs in the army. These also vary according to whether or not the Veteran is disabled, receiving other benefits etc. All benefits vary according to what jobs in the army were carried out before retirement, and also on your current financial situation and reasons for being discharged. If the recruit is discharged from duty through dishonourable reasons, then all benefits and pension become null and void.

The bottom line is that the benefits for jobs in the army are immense, but the benefits for after service are just as competitive.

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The 10 Best Jobs for a Health Care Career

By Susan - Tuesday 14 Apr 11:00 am

A health care career and the studies thereto can be the springboard for many other exciting job opportunities. The study of health care administration or management is a vastly popular choice, and allows for our medical facilities and hospitals to be placed under the best possible care in terms of safety, efficiency, services and employment satisfaction. Choosing to step into a health care career would enable you to play a part in this vital role in constantly updating and improving health care service from a patient perspective as well as from an employee’s perspective.

Some of the many other job opportunities available under the wide brim of health care career are as follows (in no particular order):

  1. Hospital Manager or Assistant Hospital Manager: This position requires someone who can delegate duties and issue jobs and responsibilities. The object is to involve all hospital employees so that the everyday tasks are equally distributed, and everyone is doing their part to contribute. It also involves overseeing all hospital matters.
  2. Program Developer: This health care career involves the successful development and implementation of health care programs within medical institutions. There are various fields or programs within this career that can be entered into.
  3. Quality Improvement Specialist: The title of this health care career is pretty much self explanatory. Quality control and improvement is a stringent exercise in medical care, and requires a dedicated person to see its coordination is smooth and fully operative.
  4. Health Benefits Specialist: A health benefits specialist sees to it that patients eligible for benefits are fully compensated. Benefits from business packages and medical insurance schemes are the most common and all the financial and administrative aspects of this will be handled within this health care career.
  5. Health Program Liaison: This health care career is one of management, coordination and interaction with staff, sponsors if applicable and all involved within the health program initiatives. Their primary role is to manage the processes involved in the setting up of health care programs.
  6. Community Health Project Specialist: A health care career working with community health will be most rewarding. This position ensures that health care within the community is efficient, well serving and beneficial to those who use its services.
  7. HR Specialist: HR stands for Human Resources, and every business runs more smoothly with a human resources department. This health care career involves the hiring and firing of staff, training where applicable, performance evaluations and employee related operations.
  8. Patient Coordinator: The health care career of patient coordinator involves one to one interaction with patients to inform them of all their available choices with regards to the latest technology, medical advances etc. They offer their patients all the background information available.
  9. Medical Office Assistant: This career involves all the background duties that no one ever sees, but that are imperative to the successful management of health care. Involving issuing computerized medical accounts and records, medical insurance processing, billing and all administrative procedures
  10. Patient Access Representative: This health care career is geared towards full service for patients and ensuring that they are welcomed into your facility individually and properly. You would make sure that they are registered efficiently, settled into their ward or room properly and tend to their needs, requests and issues.

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The Top 10 Best Schools for Health Care Administration Training

By Susan - Sunday 12 Apr 11:00 am

A Health Care Administrator is a top quality position within the medical field. It is a position that keeps successful business conduction, patient wellness and employee performance and satisfaction at the top of its list of priorities. Being a health care administrator basically entails managing the business aspect of health care facilities so that the health and medical care aspect can operate to its optimum without the worry of the foundation falling out from underneath it.

It takes a certain kind of individual to be a health care administrator as it can involve high intensities of work, high levels of stress and requires the ability to be diplomatic and considerate in all decision making. If you feel that this position is perfectly suited to you, then the medical and health field could more than likely benefit from your service as a health care administrator.

Here are some of the top rated schools where you can study to be a health care administrator, rated according to US News and World Report (in no particular order):

  1. University of California (Berkeley Haas): Haas believes that there are numerous challenges within the health care industry, and equipping health care administrators with the keys to overcoming these challenges is what keeps health care operating to its optimum
  2. Northwestern University (Kellogg): Kellogg University recognises the continuing and increasing need for expert health management services, and provides their students with the correct tools to tackle these pressures
  3. University of Washington: This University prides itself on developing professional health care administrators with the ability to lead and provide superior example
  4. University of Minnesota (Twin Cities): This University is ranked among one of the most prestigious nationwide as well as internationally. The health care administrator course is particularly highly recommended
  5. University of California (Berkeley School of Public Health): This University believes in offering its students world class tuition so that they in turn can offer world class services to the health care industry
  6. University of Alabama (Birmingham): As well as consistently being among the top ranked schools offering health care administrator studies, this school also has prestigious continued education programs that are equally as well ranked
  7. Virginia Commonwealth University: As well as being well ranked by US News and World Reports, this University’s health care administrator program has also been highly recommended by Modern Healthcare
  8. University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill): This University is always ranked top in all studies, and offers superior tuition. They are also particularly stringent with admissions for health care administrator studies.
  9. University of Michigan (Ann Arbor): This University has been voted number one by US News and World since they began rankings in 1993 for Health Care Administrator and Health Management Studies.
  10. University of Pennysylvania (Wharton): This exceptional school offers an intensive series of research in training, business systems and health care. They apply all their research findings to current day issues so as to get a realistic handle on what a career as a health care administrator involves.

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Is it better to take a Clinical Research Job in Occupational Therapy?

By Susan - Thursday 9 Apr 11:00 am

When opting to go into the employ of occupational therapy, there are a vast number of choices you can make as to which arena you’d like to work in. All of these positions and the knowledge backing them up are explored by people with a clinical research job in occupational therapy. Clinical research is an integral part of occupational therapy and provides an informative platform for occupational therapists to work from.

Clinical research jobs in occupational therapy are the basis for the practice of occupational therapy and its success with the vastly different patients, cases and disabilities that walk through the door. It is basically the collection of information for treatment purposes, the valuation of this treatment and the improvement of such. Without clinical research jobs in occupational therapy, there would be no foundation for therapists to base their studies and treatments on. Clinical research jobs in occupational therapy continually update therapists and medical sources with their most recent findings with regards to occupational therapy treatment, and what works and what doesn’t.

Clinical research jobs in occupational therapy are responsible for updating findings with current research and treatment methods. Finding innovative new ways to improve occupational therapy treatments is always of primary importance for clinical researchers. Other significant duties carried out by clinical research jobs in occupational therapy include:

  • Full assessments of the results obtained from drug trials and tests
  • Measuring the results obtained in patients through continued occupational therapy treatments of varying degrees
  • Recognizing fine and gross motor patterns and responses according to specific tests and treatments
  • Implementing and putting testing in place for new treatment methods

Opting to follow the path of clinical research jobs in occupational therapy usually requires that you already have your degree in occupational therapy. It is offered as an advanced module of study. It can take from up to 8 weeks to complete the studies for clinical research jobs in occupational therapy. They are offered through private institutions as well as through Universities and local colleges.

There are clinical research jobs in occupational therapy at almost all medical institutions and occupational therapy centres. A lot of medical institutions outsource clinical research jobs in occupational therapy, so you can find a plethora of job availability through online portals or medical recruitments agencies. Jobs might be offered through your study centres.

Certain prerequisites need to be in place before considering clinical research jobs in occupational therapy. You will need to have studied or be studying occupational therapy and have your masters or doctorate degree. The clinical research advanced segment can be incorporated into your occupational therapy studies. Added to this is the basics abilities to manage numerous priorities is a plus as is having a basic knowledge of data capturing.

With such a vital need for clinical research jobs in occupational therapy and the fact that senior position salaries are competitive and almost in line with occupational therapists, there are very positive reasons as to why you should elect to take a clinical research job in occupational therapy.

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What are the 5 Best Business Jobs in the Army?

By Susan - Tuesday 7 Apr 11:00 am

Jobs in the army are not only encompassed by typical military positions, such as intelligence officers, airplane pilots and the like. There are many jobs in the army to suit business minded individuals too.

The world is made up of massive conglomerates in the corporate sector, some of which are responsible for millions of not billions in the economy. Jobs in the army also run as conventional businesses do and are equally as responsible for huge turnovers annually. There are many business job opportunities on offer in the military, in many business sectors.

Here is the Top 5 Business Jobs in the Army:

  1. Business Analyst: The primary duties of business analysts are to project a advance business forecasts with regards to business requirements and business projects. These jobs in the army are crucial in ensuring that all needs are met. For example, are there adequate recruits to carry out certain projects? Is the correct equipment available? What are the costs involved in carrying out these projects? This position requires a bachelor’s degree, and the ability to manage projects as well as staff members.
  2. Accountants and Auditors: Most corporate environments have their own in house auditors and accountants. The military shares the same system, and provides professional jobs in the army catering towards these services. A bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance is required, and senior level qualifications are preferred but not necessary.
  3. Director of Planning and Development: This position requires a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Jobs in the army of this nature are not plentiful and require experienced personnel that have a few years in this particular service under their belts. It entails strategic planning for business and military operations, as well as the successful planning for future projects that will assist the business in flourishing and growing through innovative ideas and inventive development.
  4. Purchasing and Contracting Analysts: The military is always in need of top notch equipment and the latest technology in order to perform their tasks on an expert level. Keeping ahead of the program is difficult when there are so many new technological ideas and systems to choose from. These particular jobs in the army assess exactly this and purchase only what is necessary and within budget. They need to keep an eye on progress and continually update their systems as well as those of the military, without overspending and with still being able to stay up to date.
  5. Management Analysts and Planners: The main goal of recruits in these jobs in the army it to efficiently manage all aspects of military business. From ensuring that there are adequate staff to carry out jobs, to making sure that there are not too many on the job causing wastage of human resources. The same can be said for equipment, capital and assets, and any other material resources. These jobs in the army are there to make sure that nothing is being wasted and everything and everyone is working to their full potential.

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Should I become an Occupational Therapy Assistant?

By Susan - Sunday 5 Apr 11:00 am

Choosing to become an occupational therapy assistant is by no means downgrading from occupational therapist. Your level of skill must still be competitive and you must still possess an earnest desire to help people with disabilities. You will also be required to work hands on with patients in assisting them through their phases of healing and rehabilitation by various means of treatment and initiating exercises. An occupational therapy assistant is just as important to the job as the occupational therapist is.

By being an occupational therapy assistant, you are opening yourself up to the world of occupational therapy by taking the passenger seat in all business operations and consultations. It is an excellent platform to view the workings of an occupational therapist’s rooms and further decipher if that is the route that you will take in the future. Many occupational therapy assistants opt to remain in that position for the rest of their careers, by choice and not by circumstance. In fact many occupational therapy assistants chose to study for that very position and never had any intention of becoming a fully fledged occupational therapist.

Occupational therapy assistants are considered entry level positions for occupational therapists, and it is not unusual for all occupational therapists to have been an assistant at one point in their careers or another. With most Universities you are required to complete an internship as a part of your studies, and the most common position held for this learning period is an occupational therapy assistant, learning your practical skills from a licensed occupational therapist. It is also not uncommon for students to feel so comfortable and at ease in this position that they opt to stay there, as mentioned previously.

Basic occupational therapy assistant’s duties include preparing patients for their consultations, handling the signing in and registration of new clients before their first consultation, doing basic exercises or activities with patients that don’t require the supervision of the occupational therapist, carrying out administrative duties for the office or rooms such as keeping patient’s details up to date and in order. Occupational therapy assistants will also be available to handle the overflow of patients for the occupational therapist, if there is ever the need due to an emergency situation.

Other more interesting duties that occupational therapy assistants will pursue are possibly to be given some of the less complicated disabilities to work with and will be required to carry out exercises, activities, stretches, small movements with these patients. They will also be required to give a full report back to the occupational therapist in charge. They would have the opportunity to help patients to improve their fine motor coordination as well as gross motor skills through exercises and stretches. The occupational therapy assistant would also have the chance to help patients learn valuable life skills to improve their lifestyle, living states and overall health and wellbeing.

By being an occupational therapy assistant, you are by no means signing up for the easy road. Your job will still be as challenging and motivating as that of an occupational therapist.

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What Benefits do I get with Army Civilian Jobs?

By Susan - Sunday 5 Apr 9:09 am

Army civilian jobs have been in effect since the 1700’s if you can believe that! These jobs that date back a good few centuries entailed keeping track of documentation and records, following the expenditure of funds used and keeping records of equipment. Army civilian jobs are an essential extension of Army life and assist in the smooth operation of military business.

By choosing to enlist in the army through army civilian jobs, you are not only facilitating the safety and security of your country, but you are ensuring your wellbeing and success as well. Not only are there numerous excellent army civilian jobs to choose from, but they come with extensive benefits and added bonuses that are immeasurable and certainly not available through conventional means of employment.

Some of the benefits that you can enjoy by signing up for army civilian jobs are:

  • First and foremost is the benefit of having such an all-embracing range of army civilian jobs to choose from. There is certainly something to match everyone’s skill department and level
  • Once you have selected your army civilian job, you are entitled to full training for the position. Even if you are already well versed in the field that you are entering, there will be slight modifications to suit military regulations. Extended knowledge is never a bad thing.
  • With all army civilian jobs you are entitled to an impressive pension plan, life insurance as well as health insurance. Your health insurance encompasses dental and medical, and the pension plan far rivals its conventional counterparts.
  • Holiday pay is also included with all army civilian jobs. A certain number of days are stipulated, and as long as approval is granted for these allocated days, then your vacation time is paid for! Sick leave is also another benefit, and there are also an allocated amount of days for this so as not to allow people to take advantage of this perk.
  • One of the most impressive benefits with regards to army civilian jobs is that your salary is extremely competitive when weighed up against that of similar jobs outside of the military. Hard work is recognized and can often result in bonuses being paid out.
  • By working for the military in one of the numerous army civilian jobs on offer, you are opening yourself up to a whole new world of opportunity. In addition to this you will experience the camaraderie that goes hand in hand with the military team and will carry you through years of career involvement and enjoyment.

Army civilian jobs can provide you with the job satisfaction that everyone yearns for, whilst making you feel like you are part of a team and doing something positive for your country. Add into the equation these fantastic benefits, and you have the perfect job situation waiting to be filled.

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5 Best Travelling Occupational Therapy Jobs

By Susan - Thursday 2 Apr 2:00 am

Occupational therapy jobs are in great abundance, and the demand for this more alternative practice is increasing with every year. It is predicted that by the year 2012, there will be a vast percentage more occupational therapy jobs available due to more and more people recognising its significance.

Included in this vast array of job opportunities are travel occupational therapy jobs, that involve being fully mobile, being able to travel and being able to work doing the job you love all rolled into one neat little package!

There are many staff shortages in healthcare facilities which is why there are so many occupational therapy jobs available today. Travel occupational therapy jobs allow you to be made available to all medial facilities wherever there is a gap that needs to be filled. Your specific employee profile will be set up displaying that option so that medical care centres throughout America are aware of the fact that they can use you, even if you are a resident across the nation.

Here is a list of some of the travelling occupational therapy jobs that are available today:

  1. Cariant Health Partners: Primarily a recruitment agency, Cariant Health Partners aims to find superior occupational therapy jobs in locations from one end of American to the next. Benefits such as competitive salaries, bonuses, beautiful private housing, medical benefits, travel reimbursement and completion bonuses can be enjoyed when signing up to be a travelling occupational therapist with this company.
  2. Club Staffing: In addition to supplying you with superior occupational therapy jobs, Club Staffing offers their employees dental, medical and vision benefits, free private housing, per dium as well as full reimbursement of travel expenses.
  3. Reflectx: Is a unique travel medical staffing centre that offers numerous occupational therapy jobs available. They also offer their travel staff the benefits of free private housing, house ware, cable TV and telephone allowances, medical insurance, travel reimbursement, life insurance, completion bonuses, performance bonuses as well as many more perks to ass to the mix.
  4. Advanced Medical Personnel Services: This team offers flexible work contracts to suit each individual and their needs, housing in safe neighbourhood with all the essential amenities available, alternatively you could opt for a housing allowance and find your own place. Travel reimbursements, medical insurance and competitive hourly rates are all a part of the total attractive package offered on occupational therapy jobs.
  5. Med Travellers Inc: Another medical staffing solution offering professional opportunities for occupational therapy jobs is Med Travellers. They have the same arrangement of benefits available as the others mentioned such as excellent pay rates, medical insurance, free private housing as well as available work in excellent health and medical care facilities.

In addition to receiving excellent occupational therapy job opportunities, travelling jobs entitle you to amazing benefits that should only be dreamed of!

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What Army Jobs are available in Iraq and Afghanistan?

By Susan - Wednesday 25 Mar 1:00 am

Serving in army jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan require a high level of commitment, bravery and strength of will. Not only is it possible that you will be separated from your family, but you will be stationed in unfamiliar territory with the impending possibility of full combat on your doorstep. All soldiers are trained towards this element of Military Life no matter what army jobs they are involved in, but few get to experience the reality in its harsh and terrifying appeal.

There are hundreds of army jobs available in Iraq and Afghanistan ranging from full time to part time and including contract work. Contract work can be anything from a few weeks to months or even years, depending on the position being offered. By signing up with a recruitment agency you will be able to gain access to a wide range of army jobs from all different departments and divisions. Here are a few examples:

  • Intelligence Officers, Specialists and Analysts: The duties held by soldiers carrying out these army jobs are mainly gathering information about the enemy, such as whereabouts, fight tactics, how large their divisions are etc. It is vital that all information collected is correct and precise, as it could result in the difference between life and death for US Soldiers.
  • Technicians and Engineers: As much as technicians and engineers are needed on home turf for optimal operation of equipment and technical equipment, so too are they needed for army jobs abroad in Iraq and Afghanistan. Without the correct operation of equipment, US soldiers would be made extremely vulnerable.
  • Medics: Especially if US soldiers are sent into battle, the need for Medics to fill army jobs of this nature will be ever increasing. Even for everyday circumstances like illness or disease or whatever sort. It is imperative that all recruits are kept fit and healthy.
  • Automotive Technicians: Ensuring that all vehicles are kept running economically as well as efficiently, automotive technicians and mechanics are extremely sought after. Army jobs in this domain are freely available.
  • Interpreters: Dealing with foreign languages can become difficult and prevent progress, without the services of experienced and well learned interpreters.
  • Military Fielding Coordinators: The coordination of activities and schedules along all lines of army jobs is essential for the smooth operation of all programs. This job would suit someone who is well organised and good at getting other people organised!
  • Budget Analysts: Living and working in a foreign country can often prevent you from having access to all your normal amenities, resulting in unnecessary or increasing expenditure. There is also a certain allocated amount for each operation. Budget analyst army jobs are there to ensure that everything is kept within these boundaries and allocations, and that no overspending occurs above and beyond those marks.

Whatever your qualifications or skills, there is more than likely going to be a range of army jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan to suit you. As much as smooth operation of business needs to take place here in America, so too does it need to occur in this way abroad. The need for optimal operation is even more in demand in Iraq and Afghanistan, as the risk of battle is so much higher there. Army jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan are readily available in almost any field.

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5 Best Facilities to Work as an Occupational Therapist

By Susan - Monday 23 Mar 9:15 am

Upon deciding to become an occupational therapist, and upon qualification, you are faced with the biggest challenge of your career, and that is first of all deciding where to work and then receiving employment upon making your decision.

Occupational therapists are widely well received and there is a definite demand for those that are efficient and suitably qualified, so finding a job should not be a problem. The big question you need to ask yourself is: Where to apply? If you are not going to set up a private practice, which is probably recommended for University leavers, then you have a wide range of occupational therapy and medical institutions to choose from. From nursing homes to hospitals, to corporate companies that have in house occupational therapists. The choices are numerous and equally as rewarding. Close investigation should be paid to each and every job opportunity and all the benefits that come with each position.

You could choose to join somebody else’s private practice as an occupational therapist, and at the same time learn about the successful running of your own business and all the involvement that goes hand in hand with it.

Nursing homes and hospitals can offer competitive salaries for occupational therapists as well as the added incentive of being able to improve the lives of those that are residents in these homes and health care facilities.

On a corporate scale, there are many businesses that have in house occupational therapists to assist in maintaining high levels of productivity amongst employees and to enable for any care that is required on an occupational therapy level to be easily accessible. Working as an occupational therapist for corporate giants will also entitle you to impressive employment packages and commendable salaries and bonuses. Some of the companies that you might have heard of that offer exceptional employment for occupational therapists are:

  • Google
  • Citibank
  • Microsoft
  • Dell
  • Deloitte
  • Sears

When it comes to occupational therapist employment positions, there are a few institutions that stand out from the rest. They offer exceptional service to clients and are nationally recognized as leaders in the field of occupational therapy. Not only do they treat their clients with distinction, but their employees are also given the best possible salaries, benefits and are treated with the respect that they have earned. As occupational therapists, it is essential for your employer to recognize the importance of your job and this is most appreciated when it is well received.

The following companies are among those that fit this standard according to occupational therapists:

  • Tri-State Hand and Occupational Therapy, Inc. located in Cumberland, MD
  • The Children’s Hospital in Aurora, Colorado
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre, a non-profit hospital and research centre in Ohio
  • Communicative Health Care Associates Inc, to be found in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Wee Care Therapy, Ltd, Dyer, Indiana

Burger Rehabilitation Systems Inc, that have many clinics situated in the greater Sacramento area, Northern California

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