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What Army Jobs are available and how much do they pay?

By Brad - Thursday 5 Jun 6:24 pm

MOS’s or Military Occupation Specialties is the term the US Army gives to enlisted army jobs. The MOS’s that have similar functions are grouped together into different ’Fields’.

The various ‘Fields’ that categorize these MOS’s are as follows:

Public Affairs
Special Equipment
Religious Services
Vehicle Maintenance
Chemical Warfare
Recruiting and Retention
Explosives and Ammunition
Supply and Logistics
Electronic Maintenance
Counter/Human Intelligence
Communication Intelligence
Armament Maintenance
Field Infantry
Air Defense
Special Forces
Engineering (Construction)
Signals (Communication)
Legal Services
Law Enforcement
Electronic Warfare
Psychological Operations
Civil Affairs

To find army jobs that are available to enlisted personnel in any one of these Fields, simply Google US Army Jobs and then click on one of the above fields from the list.

For example, in the Finance field at present there is one MOS or army job listed:

Finance Specialist –

Major Duties – performs or supervises duties pertaining to disbursing, travel, military pay, foreign notional pay, internal control and civilian pay. Duties for MOS Finance Specialist at each level of skill are: and then it goes on to describe what those are according to the applicants level of skill, with Skill Level 4 being higher or more qualified than Skill Level 1.

Qualifications – This includes the qualifications an applicant must possess for this MOS or army job – physical, tactical and educational – with training/school information included.

Click on another Field such as Aviation and eighteen MOS’s or army jobs are listed. Click on each one to get all the information you need for description and qualifications.

A new recruit makes basic pay of approximately $1300./month. However, there are many factors that play into the pay scale including number years of service, rank, and education. For example, a new recruit may enter the army as an Officer if he has university or college education, therefore his rate of pay would be higher. The pay rate figures all include the value of free housing, food and income-tax advantages. Every year the government gives military personnel a pay raise. The disparity between army jobs and civilian jobs used to be large, peaking at 13.5% in 1999. But a bill was passed some years ago guaranteeing a minimum 3% raise across the board annually. Every year it’s voted upon and in 2008, the military received a raise of 3.5%, lowering the gap between army jobs and similar civilian jobs to 3.4%.

Good news for anyone wishing to pursue a job in the army!

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Occupational Therapy vs Physical Therapy

By Brad - Wednesday 28 May 11:25 am

Within the Therapy Sector there is constant confusion between Occupational Therapy Jobs and Physical Therapy. Which one is the preferred method of treatment and are they the same thing?

Both forms of therapy have many similarities as the training involved from both sides run on a close parallel. However, they are in fact very specialized in quite a few different ways. Both therapies assist patients in increasing muscular strength and awareness of the body and how it works. Both therapies require a far-reaching comprehension of human anatomy and physiology, and they both address issues such as weakness and under active muscle development whilst giving advice on how to improve these conditions.

But it is the finer points that make each therapy unique and make them stand apart from each other. Occupational therapy jobs focus more around activating the bodily tools that are inherently yours, and making them work optimally for you. In a case where a person has suffered an injury, an Occupational Therapist would not treat the injury itself, but rather assist you to become physically and mentally functional with the injury and be able to cope with it as you gradually build up towards recovery.

In this case, a Physical Therapist would treat the injury itself on a physical level. Helping to heal the torn tissues or ligaments through manipulation and massage and their extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and how it works. Occupational Therapy jobs center more on life skills and healthy living habits, and how improving them will thus improve your life. Whereas Physical Therapy jobs would concentrate on treating an actual impairment, injury or disability

With regards to salary differences, the remuneration amounts for both Occupational Therapy jobs and Physical Therapy jobs vary according to what area you would be working in, which company or hospital you would be working for, how many clients you have on your books etc. On average Physical Therapy jobs get paid a marginal amount more per annum than Occupational Therapy jobs do.

On the whole, Physical Therapy is a more widely known form of therapy and is thus often trusted further than Occupational Therapy is. However it might not always be the appropriate tool for the job at hand as we now know.

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