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If You’re Over 50 Getting a Job Just Got Easier

By Brad - Tuesday 2 Oct 7:23 pm

If you are 50 or older you may have experienced what some call “ageism”, that is the reluctance of employers to hire older employees.

However some new statistics from the Bureau of Labor indicate that older workers may be more in demand in the near future.

While age discrimination is illegal, it is very difficult to prove that older employment prospects are turned away as much of that is decided prior to the first interview.

50 plus adults represent one of the fastest growing labor groups on the US.   This is partly due to many who are now delaying retirement.  With the stock market declines, sub 1% interest rates and incessant layoffs many potential retirees have been left with   underfunded 401k and IRAs.  They just can’t afford to retire.

By 2015 the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 20% or more of the US workforce will be over the age of 50 up from 13% In 2000.

Younger Workforce is Shrinking

The good news is that the Bureau also estimates the U.S. is expected to experience a significant drop in the percentage of younger workers age 25 to 44, making it increasingly important for employers to find ways to recruit and retain older workers.

Unfortunately in some states in the US the legislature is not always thinking along the lines of job creation.  In California they recently passed new tax laws further inhibiting Companies from investing in job creation.  The Act is called the Clean Energy Jobs Act Prop 39 and Governor Brown is working to revise that legislation to be more job friendly.

Another positive development for those over 50 looking for work is a website called Workforce50 (formerly Senior Job Bank) and they need all the over 50 workers they can find.

Originally a non-profit referral service dedicated to keeping older people in the workforce longer, Senior Job Bank was designed to offer free employment referrals for job seekers over 50. Listings include occasional, part-time, temporary, and full-time employment opportunities.

Senior Job Bank founder Eric Summers says he started the referral service for workers over 50 because he sees the world’s growing senior population as a large and mostly untapped resource.

“People who have honed their professional skills over a lifetime are too often left with little to do upon retirement,” Summers said. “There is a wealth of experience out there, a lot of which is going to waste.”

50-plus Adults Bring Experience and Expertise to the Marketplace

Senior workers bring lots of experience who are trained and dedicated.  They can fill the void left by the shrinking younger workforce.

“Employing older workers can unlock the purchasing and creative power of millions of trainable employees and eager consumers,” according to AARP Board Chairman Charles Leven.

Senior Workers Bring Commitment and Stability to the Workforce

“Older workers are recognized and valued for having a good work ethic and for providing experience, knowledge, and job stability in the workplace,” Leven says. “They are viewed as loyal workers who can be counted on in a crisis. All of these attributes make them desirable workers in our service-oriented economies.”

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