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The 10 Best Jobs for a Health Care Career

By Susan - Tuesday 14 Apr 11:00 am

A health care career and the studies thereto can be the springboard for many other exciting job opportunities. The study of health care administration or management is a vastly popular choice, and allows for our medical facilities and hospitals to be placed under the best possible care in terms of safety, efficiency, services and employment satisfaction. Choosing to step into a health care career would enable you to play a part in this vital role in constantly updating and improving health care service from a patient perspective as well as from an employee’s perspective.

Some of the many other job opportunities available under the wide brim of health care career are as follows (in no particular order):

  1. Hospital Manager or Assistant Hospital Manager: This position requires someone who can delegate duties and issue jobs and responsibilities. The object is to involve all hospital employees so that the everyday tasks are equally distributed, and everyone is doing their part to contribute. It also involves overseeing all hospital matters.
  2. Program Developer: This health care career involves the successful development and implementation of health care programs within medical institutions. There are various fields or programs within this career that can be entered into.
  3. Quality Improvement Specialist: The title of this health care career is pretty much self explanatory. Quality control and improvement is a stringent exercise in medical care, and requires a dedicated person to see its coordination is smooth and fully operative.
  4. Health Benefits Specialist: A health benefits specialist sees to it that patients eligible for benefits are fully compensated. Benefits from business packages and medical insurance schemes are the most common and all the financial and administrative aspects of this will be handled within this health care career.
  5. Health Program Liaison: This health care career is one of management, coordination and interaction with staff, sponsors if applicable and all involved within the health program initiatives. Their primary role is to manage the processes involved in the setting up of health care programs.
  6. Community Health Project Specialist: A health care career working with community health will be most rewarding. This position ensures that health care within the community is efficient, well serving and beneficial to those who use its services.
  7. HR Specialist: HR stands for Human Resources, and every business runs more smoothly with a human resources department. This health care career involves the hiring and firing of staff, training where applicable, performance evaluations and employee related operations.
  8. Patient Coordinator: The health care career of patient coordinator involves one to one interaction with patients to inform them of all their available choices with regards to the latest technology, medical advances etc. They offer their patients all the background information available.
  9. Medical Office Assistant: This career involves all the background duties that no one ever sees, but that are imperative to the successful management of health care. Involving issuing computerized medical accounts and records, medical insurance processing, billing and all administrative procedures
  10. Patient Access Representative: This health care career is geared towards full service for patients and ensuring that they are welcomed into your facility individually and properly. You would make sure that they are registered efficiently, settled into their ward or room properly and tend to their needs, requests and issues.

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