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What retirement benefits do I get with Jobs in the Army?

By Susan - Wednesday 3 Oct 12:45 pm

Jobs in the Army are readily available for young, fit and energetic human beings. They offer a lifetime of life changing service and many benefits to go hand in hand with their chosen military careers. But what happens when you are no longer young, fit and energetic? Are there jobs in the army that offer suitable retirement packages? The answer is yes.

The military is not only the supplier of a large proportion of jobs in the army, but also a large provider of benefits and compensation for active duty. Throughout your career in the military you will be at liberty to take advantage of fabulous medical, dental, housing and other benefits, but you will also be entitled to arguably the best available retirement benefits across America. Jobs in the army receive a pension that is technically termed “reduced compensation for reduced services” (Sourced from Pension benefits for jobs in the army can be collected from an early age and not necessarily the pre-determined age of retirement of 60 years. If you are no longer able to serve in your chosen field due to injury or consequence, then you may begin redeeming your pension payments as soon as you retire.

Jobs in the army and the predetermined pension received therein vary according to the date that you began service in the military. There are two different types of pension pay that are calculated in slightly differing ways: Final Pay and High 36.

The cap on retirement packages was recently lifted, and members who have served in excess of a certain number of years will receive larger percentages of their base pay after retirement. This recognises the admiration and high level of service for jobs in the army, and ensures that its citizens are awarded accordingly for their years of dedication to duty.

The cap remains in place for employees that are removed from service due to disability. They are entitled to up to 75% of their base pay for jobs in the army. A figure instituted by law.

Your pension is also levied according to these factors:

  • The number of dependants you have
  • Your current financial situation
  • If you are already receiving benefits from Social Security
  • If you are in need of hospital care
  • If you are housebound and in need of nursing services or home services such as meals on wheels or similar.

There are also specific stipulations for Veterans who served in one of many jobs in the army. These also vary according to whether or not the Veteran is disabled, receiving other benefits etc. All benefits vary according to what jobs in the army were carried out before retirement, and also on your current financial situation and reasons for being discharged. If the recruit is discharged from duty through dishonourable reasons, then all benefits and pension become null and void.

The bottom line is that the benefits for jobs in the army are immense, but the benefits for after service are just as competitive.

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